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We built this Review Capture Tool with two things in mind: conversion and simplicity.

Train your staff in minutes how to use the tool and start snagging reviews from your customers.

How It Works

Review requests built from a conversion science perspective. Try our easy-to-use, high-converting review collection tool today!

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Device Detection &

We host the site for you which enables us to use device-friendly links. For customers, this means automatic login to their Facebook or Google accounts (saving time, and increasing click-through rates).

Inviting and Clean
Review Page

Customers are brought to a sleek, all-in-one review platform that’s customized with your logo and color scheme. (When Hover introduced their own color scheme to the platform, they saw engagement jump 42%!).

Offer Multiple Review Platform Options

Pick the review sites that YOU want customers to use when reviewing on your platform. We recommend choosing three (but feel free to choose more or less).

Strategically Timed SMS

With 1-click send, that are generated and sent automatically to your customers.

Review Monitoring

We scan your review sites and notify you when you get new reviews (we even send a snazzy report that updates you on the progress of review collection).

Why SEO Wiz Works

Review capture is a numbers game. The more reviews you collect (and the higher the review quality), the better your conversion. Things like open rate, click-through rate, and abandonment rate all matter. That’s why it’s so important to make reviewing your business a fast, streamlined, and automatic process that’s brought directly to customers.

By controlling the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of reviewing and making it insanely easy for customers, you can snag 5-12 times the number of reviews!

Open Rate

Open Rate

SMS text messages have an open rate of 98%! Compare that to email, with an open rate of only 13%, and you can see why we love our text message review requests.

Review Streaming

Review Streaming

Research shows that reviews on your website will generate 62% more revenue per site visitor. We stream those 4- and 5-star reviews directly to your site where new customers will definitely see them.

Timing of Request

Timing of Request

On average, text messages are opened 5 minutes after send (emails, on the other hand, aren’t typically opened for another 20 hours!).

Using Multiple Sites

Using Multiple Sites

70% of consumers have left an online review, but only 25% have left a Google review (yet Google reviews are key in driving your search engine rankings). By bringing multiple review sites into one space we can access a wider audience and help drive those Google reviews.

Google Reviews Given Priority

Google Reviews Given Priority

Our platform knows where customers are logged in. We can prioritize review sites that match where they’ve logged in, making it even easier for them to leave you stellar reviews. (And since most customers are logged in to their Google accounts these days, that means Google will float to the top of your chosen review sites, and those Google reviews will start rolling in!).

Device Detection

Device Detection

When a customer hits your review page, our platform can tell what type of device your customer is on and present device-friendly links. That means Google and Facebook users are already logged-in when they go to review, which, by itself, can increase review rate by over 50%!

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