This is a step by step guide of how you can Utilize YouTube to rank your projects quickly 

We have uploaded tons of project and found that this method is very powerful;

Here you will learn how you can rank your website and your Google my business very quickly.

What will you gain by doing this?

  • Rank your Google My Business
  • Content on your website that the rank and Google loves
  • Rank your  YouTube chancel for major keywords

Rank on google using youtube

The more content you will use the better it will rank .

In the description of your YouTube video, add content and link it to your project on your website and add the link of Google post that we will create in the next step.

You can add links to Google my business posts in the body description or the learn more button.

That is it you are done! now sit back relax and let Google their part..

Choose a title that is 3 to 6 words

Include the city at the beginning of the end of the title

Add two or three categories

Add two or three Keywords

Describe your project properly with a good meta-description

Have at least 300 words in your content

Add YouTube video

Upload 4+ photos