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Connect Yelp to Local Wiz

Connect Local Wiz To Yelp

Help To find your Yelp Business ID, simply go to your Yelp profile and copy the part of the URL after  the /biz/ For example:…
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Rss Feed using IFTTTT

RSS Feed

Help RSS Feed allows you to empower and boost your project significantly as well as create backlinks to your project. RSS feed is one of…
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Help Local Wiz Review System Overview Local Wiz review system allows you to generate more reviews from your customers. Our smart system will segment between…
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Sub Location

Help Generate multiple review URL by adding sub location Sub location Is designed for brands and businesses that have more than a single location. Example:Joe’s…
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add a team member

Add a Team Member

Help Add a team member You can add 2 different levels of users  1. Account Level 2. Specific location Level Adding an account-level team Will give…
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fast review

Fast Review

Help Center Fast Review Get More Review… Faster! This Feature will make the process of collecting reviews super fast by activating it Customers will be directed…
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